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A. Q. Mufti

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A. Q.  Mufti

A. Q. Mufti

Sales Representative

RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc., Brokerage*

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The meltdown of Credit Suisse

The collapse of and the recent acquisition of Credit Suisse by UBS in a $3.25 billion deal was not entirely unexpected, given the bank's history of fraud allegations and questionable practices. Credit Suisse has faced allegations of tax evasion, money laundering, and insurance claims, among other things. The consequences of these activities by financial industry giants extend beyond local economies and have a global impact.


The question we should be asking ourselves is why it takes so long to take corrective action against these criminal activities before they spiral out of control and become Frankenstein monsters. Why does it take a major scandal, like the Credit Suisse fiasco, to finally force the industry to address these issues? There is a pressing need for greater transparency and ethical practices within the financial industry, not just for the sake of individual businesses, but for the betterment of society as a whole.


The impact of financial industry practices extends far beyond the realm of high finance, affecting the everyday lives of people around the world. As we have seen time and time again, these practices can lead to economic turmoil, lost savings, and even catastrophic events like the 2008 global financial crisis. We must take a proactive approach to address these issues and ensure that financial institutions operate with the highest levels of transparency, accountability, and ethical responsibility.


The Credit Suisse case should serve as a wake-up call for the financial industry to prioritize these values and take action to root out any practices that run counter to them. By doing so, we can help to create a more stable and sustainable global economy, one that works for everyone, not just a privileged few. It's time for the industry to step up and demonstrate its commitment to these values, for the sake of all of us.

In addition to the global financial impact of the Credit Suisse scandal, there are also potential implications for the mortgage market. Credit Suisse was a major player in the mortgage-backed securities market, and its troubles could have ripple effects across the industry.


It's too early to say exactly how the Credit Suisse scandal will affect the mortgage market, but it's clear that there is potential for disruption. Investors should be aware of the risks associated with mortgage-backed securities and take steps to protect themselves. This could include diversifying their portfolios, conducting thorough due diligence on any investments, and working with a trusted financial advisor.


Ultimately, the Credit Suisse scandal should serve as a reminder of the importance of transparency and ethical practices in the financial industry. By working to prevent fraud and other illegal activities, we can help to create a more stable and sustainable financial system that benefits everyone.

Furthermore, the impact of the scandal has not been limited to Switzerland. As a major global financial institution, Credit Suisse's practices have had a ripple effect on the housing markets of other countries as well. In the United States, for example, the bank has faced lawsuits related to its mortgage-backed securities activities leading up to the 2008 financial crisis. These activities contributed to the collapse of the housing market in the U.S., leading to widespread foreclosures and financial ruin for many homeowners.


The impact of financial industry practices on the housing market cannot be overstated. For most people, buying a home is the largest financial decision they will ever make. When banks engage in fraudulent or unethical practices, it can have devastating consequences for homeowners, and the broader economy as well. The industry must take steps to prioritize transparency and ethical practices in all of its activities, including those related to real estate and mortgages.


Professionals have the expertise, knowledge, and experience in their respective fields, which allows them to provide innovative and effective solutions to problems that individuals might not have thought of themselves. Seeking the assistance of a professional can often lead to better outcomes and help individuals achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively.


I will be glad to receive your call at your earliest convenience at my direct telephone 416-908-5600 to discuss your individual needs, goals and objectives and find a tailor-made solution accordingly.


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A glance at my achievements and passion;

  • Realtor
  • Former Member of Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) Committee
  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Master Degree in Geography
  • Past Project Manager
  • Past IT consultant
  • Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal
  • Gold Medal of Excellence for Human Rights
  • Community award for dedicated community services
  • Member of Mississauga mayor’s Diversity Advisory Committee
  • Chair - Family Day Walkathon, raising $250K for a local hospital
  • Member of Halton District School Board's Education Committee
  • Member of Halton Region Police MFST
  • Former Member of Peel Region Public School Council
  • Former Scouts Canada leader
  • Former Team Captain of Cancer Society’s Relay for Life
  • Former Board member of an international relief organization
  • Column writer
  • TV Panelist on current affairs

RE/MAX has more than 100,000 agents in more than 95 countries agents and sells more real estate than any other Canadian brand.

At RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc., I’m here to provide you, your family, and friends with exceptional services for your real estate needs including Residential, Commercial, and Agri/Farm Business.

RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc. operates out of 17 locations with approximately 920+ trained real estate professionals. 10,852 properties were sold and 105,144 appointments were scheduled in 2017 alone!

With my background in IT and Project Management and, over the several years, contributing to many charitable/not for profit organizations as a board member, I bring professionalism, ethics, sincerity, and I strive for excellence.

If you are looking for a new place to live or do business and want to sell and/or buy your next home and/or business, I would be delighted to help you achieve your goals.
I am not looking for short term gains, rather long term relationships, with the sole focus of finding solutions that best meet your needs.
I truly believe you are my best promoter when you tell others that you have received:

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I am available during weekdays and weekends and would meet or pick up the phone personally or return your call at a time convenient for you.

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I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Wishing you and your family all the fun and enjoyment.

Designation: Realtor, MSc, PMP, ABR, SRS, CNE

Education: MSc

Specialty: Buy, Sell, and Rent Residential, Commercial, and Agricultural Properties

Awards: Certified Project Management Professional(PMP), Master Degree in Geography, Past IT consultant, Project Manager, Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal Gold Medal of Excellence for Human Rights, Community award for dedicated community services Award, Member of TREB Members Communications Committee, Member of Mississauga mayor’s Diversity Advisory Committee, Former Scouts Canada leader, Former Team Captain of Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, Member of Halton Region Equity and Inclusive Education Committee

Area Covered: GTA and beyond including Waterloo, London, Oxford, Woodstock, Niagara, Thorold

Languages Spoken: Arabic, English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu

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